Samantha McNally Watercolors

Watercolor class on Zoom every Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 or 3. $30 per class. Choose any class and join us! Just send me an email to request the zoom info. Draw the image on your watercolor paper using any means you'd like, freehand, a projector or the grid method. Kinkos will enlarge and print an image for you. You can print the PDF, the image of the drawing or the image itself, and use it to trace the drawing onto your watercolor paper; taped to a sunny window, on a light table, or using Saral transfer paper. Feel free to ask for changes to the scheduled images. 

Wednesday, September 28

Wednesday, October 5

Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday, October 19

Wednesday, November 2

Wednesday, October 26

This painting will be a combination of two images. The waves from B. The birds from A.

And you can add or subtract birds as you wish.  



Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday, December 7

Wednesday, November 16

Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday, December 14



Wednesday, January 4

Wednesday, December 21

Wednesday, December 28




Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday, January 11