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Send me an email and request to be a watercolor class zoom link recipient

This is the historic Fish Riddell House 245 W K St in Benicia. 

Watercolor class on Zoom every Wednesday from 12:30-3. $30 per class. Choose any class and join us! Just send me an email and request the zoom info. You can print the PDF and use it to trace the drawing onto your watercolor paper; taped to a sunny window, on a light table, or using Saral transfer paper. Please come to class with your drawing complete.

I did this painting a few years ago en plein air (outside on site) and would like to do it again. Things look different in real life than in a photo and I like the composition of the painting better than the picture so we will go for something more like that again with a slight change on the horizon line. 

Wednesday, January 26

Wednesday, February 2

Wednesday, February 9

Wednesday, February 16

Wednesday, February 23

Wednesday, March 2 - no class 

Wednesday, March 9

Wednesday, March 16