Samantha McNally Watercolors

Supply List for Classes

Daniel Smith watercolor paints, unless otherwise noted. But you can use what you have and if you're not happy with the outcome, then you can get these colors. These are the colors on my palette.


Phthalo Green - Yellow Shade (not Phthalo Yellow Green)

Duochrome Oceanic


Quinacridone Gold

New Gamboge

Lemon Yellow Or Hansa Yellow from M. Graham & Co.

Oranges and Reds

Quinacridone Burnt Orange

Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet

Permanent Orange



Blues and Purples

Cobalt Blue

Phthalo Blue - Red Shade or Mission Mijello Cerulean Blue

Iridescent Electric Blue

Duochrome Cabo Blue

Sugalite Genuine

Shadow Violet (which seems to be similar to a mix of cobalt blue and quinn burnt scarlett)


And for a very dark - Sodalite Genuine


Bring your favorite brushes. I recommend rounds sizes 6-12. 2-3 brushes within this range will be fine. They needn’t be sable, but they should have a good water reservoir and good points.


You can tape quarter sheets of watercolor paper to solid cardboard or foam core. Bring your own board and masking tape if you choose this option (quarter sheets will be fine). I recommend Arches 140 lb cold press. The paper must be good quality watercolor paper regardless of brand. If you get a full sheet of paper I can show you how to fold and tear into quarter sheets. Watercolor blocks are another good option.


An inexpensive plastic folding palette works fine. It should have several empty wells for the above-mentioned colors and fold in half to preserve your paints.. If you have a clean palette, organize your paints by color, putting all the reds together, the blues together, etc. Label them or make a diagram in your sketchbook. You will forget otherwise.

Water containers

You can use two large yogurt containers or other plastic water containers. 

Pencil and eraser

A 2B pencil or close to that and a kneaded eraser for before and during painting. A white hard eraser for after the painting is finished, to erase the pencil lines, if desired.


If you’d like a good sketchbook for making a diagram of your palette(s) and for small pre-painting planning sketches you could get a Moleskin watercolor notebook.

Masking Fluid

Ruling pen and Pebeo Drawing gum

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