I am a watercolor artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was helping some friends with their art on the computer and found I could help them make a website too. So I decided to make my services available. I can make a website with "your name dot com" (If available, and if not, we will find a good website name for you).

I can link your images to gotartwork.com who will sell giclee art posters and greeting cards to your customers. You will also be able to order giclees and greeting cards for yourself, to sell in your galleries and at art shows and festivals. You can have a page on your site that links directly to theirs! Check my link above - Store.

It costs $86 per year for the website (including yourname.com free for the first year) and then $30 an hour for me to put it all together. You'll also be able to make your own edits and changes as we go along and learn how to do it yourself, so if you want to take over at some point, you'll be able to! And if you don't, I'm available to make all your updates for you.

I am also on the the social media teams for California Watercolor Association, LaMorinda Art Alliance, Main Street Arts in Martinez and Benicia Literary Arts. 

I am webmaster for these sites.